Daniel Højlund
Portfolio of Daniel Højlund

American Assassin

Screen graphics for film

Helicopter Cockpit

Powerboat Radar

Destroyer Engine Room

Destroyer Bridge — 'Eisenhower'

Destroyer Bridge — 'Flynn'

Destroyer Artillery Control Room — 'Flynn'

Bomb Timers

Smart Device 'Deep Web'

TV News Channel — Ident

Spy Cam

Role : Concept, design, animation
Involved with pre and post-production, as well as on-set (all spanning across a 3-4 month period)
Produced at Territory Studio.

Project Description

The overall creative approach by the team was to create screen graphics that would feel authentic and functional in the current time of mass surveillance and technology. At times crude, and dated — but all about pure functionality, being believeable and able to support certiain story beats. The team ended up delivering over 200 final screens across 22 sets, which ranged from large CIA wall screens to smartphones, laptops to desktop monitors, spy cams, powerboat radar, helicopter displays and Destroyer navigation and weapons systems. All good fun.


Territory Studio credits
Creative Director : Andrew Popplestone
Producer : Genevieve McMahon
Creative lead : Jay Dingle
Concept, Design and Animation : Sam Keehan, Joe Maker, Pedro Cyrne, Alasdair Wilson, Yugen Blake, Peter Eszenyi, Owais Javid, Daniel Højlund
Showreel audio : Zelig Sound