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"I consist of a formal element and a material. Neither of these can ever pass away into nothing, any more than either of them came into being from nothing. Consequently every part of me will one day be refashioned, by a process of transition, into some other portion of the universe; which in its turn will again be changed into yet another part, and so onward to infinity."
-Marcus Aurelius

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Project description

Bloom is the first of two animated short films based on a track by composer Daniel Mulhern.

My idea was to try and visualise the serenity and dreamy tone of the music. This piece very much reminded me of the solace and peace that you can find inside yourself when you get completely immersed and lost in nature. My interpretation of the music made me think of a mythological journey, traveling through life in a time lapse which comes back to it’s very beginning. Procreation, birth, life, death - the circle of life. I really wanted to try and create a visual piece that through symbolism in nature could tell a story that everyone would be able to comprehend and hopefully enjoy.

Produced at Territory Studio


Direction / Animation : Daniel Højlund
Producer : Sam Hart
Composer : Daniel Mulhern