Daniel Højlund
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How To Be Human

Opening title sequence for dystopian short film

Still frames


Role : Concept, design & animation
Produced at Territory Studio.

Project Description

The sequence takes the viewer on a physical journey out of London undertaken by the two main characters in the film. The dystopian environment of abandoned objects, destroyed buildings, and the dramatic change in nature due to climate chance, is the reminiscence of humankind and it’s downfall, as technology eventually surpassed our control.

The momentary glitches of digital interference representing artificial intelligence are glimpses of the constant surveillance and processing of data. It reflects Kimi’s transformation from human to behaving and imitating an android ultimately transitioning from her natural instinctive behaviour to something more inhuman and artificial— as a matter of necessity in order to insure her survival in this bleak and desolate environment. This begs the question — are we humans capable of changing and overwriting our very nature?

In the concept we wanted to reflect and support the underlying story of the film. Thus reflecting on some of the reality and global crises in today’s world, with mass refugee migrations and border control dividing humans, the very real and ominous reality of global warming, and lastly — the rapidly advancing technology and development of AI and the unknown future hereof.


Creative Director : Andrew Popplestone
Concept, design & animation: Daniel Højlund
Producer : Joy Whilby
Audio: Martin Stig Andersen