Daniel Højlund



Hejsa, I'm Daniel Højlund.

I'm from Denmark and currently living in London where I work at Territory Studio as a motion designer.
On the side I contribute to the graphic design blog From Up North where I have been sharing motion design inspiration for the last 4 years.

A wandering motion designer

I get much of my inspiration from the outdoors and traveling. Experiencing other cultures and seeing new places gives me a sense of perspective and helps keeping me grounded and focused - both in front and away from the screen.

Through my multimedia design and interaction design degrees I have touched base with various design mediums and techniques, which I try to angle into my motion work. I have a big passion for motion design and I see it as a unique way for individuals to express themselves, and a powerful tool for telling stories across barriers such as cultures and languages.


For any enquiries, please feel free to get in touch:
hello@danielhojlund.com – or find me on Twitter Instagram LinkedIn