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National Geographic: Year Million

Visualising futuristic technology

Still frames

The following images is a part selection of some of the concepts and designs I helped create for the TV show.

Role : Concept, design and animation
Produced at Territory Studio.

Project Description

When National Geographic Channel commissioned Year Million, a 6-part docudrama looking at how humans will live a million years from now, Radical Media tapped Territory to visualise the futuristic technology that would feature in the series. A unique project with scientific grounding, our work helps the audience visually grasp theoretical and futuristic technology that hasn't been invented and in some cases, ever visualised before. 


Territory Studio credits
Creative Director : Andrew Popplestone
Creative Lead : Nick Lyons
Motion design : Peter Eszenyi, Daniel Højlund, Dorian Thomas, Daniel Harries, Jay Dingle, Johan Dekker, Mantas Grigatis, Dave Penn, Roland Lukacsi, Ryan Close, Carl Fairweather
Producer : Priyanka Balasubramanian, Kelly Woodward
Associate Producer : Alex Reinach