Daniel Højlund
Portfolio of Daniel Højlund

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Interface and HUD concept design and animation for film

Concept: Shao tech Hologram

Concept: Shao tech UI (A)

Concept: Shao tech UI (B)

Dr. Newton Geiszler - Tablet design (Kaiju)

Dr. Newton Geiszler - Tablet design (map)


Reel: VFX and Design - Territory Studio

Concept: Gipsy Avenger targeting landing HUD

Primary role : UI/HUD, concept, design, animation
Secondary role : 3d shot support
Produced at Territory Studio.

Project Description

Territory Studio worked together with DNeg to deliver more than 200 shots for Pacific Rim: Uprising. The studio's main task was to help create and design the four Jaeger's holographic controls. Apart from designing the Jaeger's cockpit controls the studio also did concept, design and animation for multiple monitors, handheld devices and wall displays — this was my primary role on the project.

Credits - Territory Studio

VFX Supervisor : Peter Eszenyi
Comp Supervisor : Jason Halverson
VFX Producer : Genevieve McMahon
VFX Coordinator : Ashton Hertz

Artists :
Gordon Spurs, Daniel Højlund, Ry Cloze, Ashley Pay, Nick Lyons, Roman Bugrov, Ricardo Musch, Chris Maw, Lorenzo Miglietti, Ferdinando Spagnolo, Mantas Grigaitis, Safiya Gili, Marco Gifuni, James Brocklebank, Nick Treganza, Tim Preston, Andrea Braga, David Singer, Riess Shafique, Brett Lewis, Caroline Pires, Grant Henderson, Matthew Esterhuizen, Johan Dekker, Caroline Delgado, Roger Chiaw, Matt Tsang, Katie Goodwin, Joe Maker, Helder Real, Miguel Rato